Easy real-time

InnoBauTech puts emphasis on easy-to-use solutions. Our product specialists together with construction experts have created a collaboration and construction management tool that will make your life easier. Guaranteed.

Organize. Share. Manage.

An intuitive overview to get instant access to your projects, plans and real-time status updates. You can easily jump between plans to see what is going on - and can react accordingly. From everywhere at every time.
Our development team consists of user-experience experts, not engineers. Because we know what obstacles exist for non-IT-experts to implement a new software solution, we make it very easy. Our promise: Basic functions to be learned & applied on-site within minutes.

Create reports. With a fingertip.

Save time and energy when creating reports. What usually takes many hours, is now a matter of seconds. You can customize the data that is included. Choose timeframes, statuses, subcontractors and plans - a dynamic database to get you the information you need.
  • Very easy to use

    A simple, straight-forward interface. So easy that even seasoned construction managers llike it instantly. Ready-to-use within minutes.
  • Save time & money

    Many construction management processes become easier, faster and more efficient. That saves time and reduces costs.
  • Work from everywhere

    Access via iPad, Smartphone or PC. React and solve problems - even when you are in a remote location.
  • Upload & share plans

    Upload & update blueprints, manage and share with collaborators. To get the latest updates to your team on-site, when they need it.
  • Real-time communication

    Communicate defects, tasks and problems instantly. Save time and avoid mistakes, before they happen. Full transparency that is digitally recorded.
  • Documentation & reports

    Create customized reports and share with stakeholders - with the touch of a button.

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